Top Complaints of Caregivers and Care Clients

Ruby Posted by Ruby August 16, 2018

Nothing is always perfect. There are glitches, bottlenecks and pain-points in the lives of caregivers as well as home care clients.

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While home care services can be a real lifesaver for seniors, there are times they are dissatisfied when things do not happen as per their expectations. Even when caregivers are doing everything to provide the best care possible, situations still arise when their efforts are in vain. For a home care agency, handling complaints and issues in the most appropriate way is imperative. On the other hand, improvising the service delivery model by knowing potential areas where grievances are most likely to occur is the only way to avoid them from happening in the first place.

Especially for those starting up or just began their home care business, being aware of the most common mistakes and complaints of both the clients and the caregivers can help avoid them before they get worse. We have short-listed the below complaints from both parties. Have a look:

Complaints from Clients
1 Confusion in Communication Due to Multiple Caregivers for One Person
2 Caregivers Lack of Punctuality
3 Quality of Care is Inconsistent
4 Caregivers Texting/Calling/Surfing the Web on Duty
5 Lack of Caregiver Training
6 Cultural Differences/Language Barriers
7 No Discounted Rates for 12+ Hour Shifts
8 Pay Schedule is Inconvenient
9. Being charged time and a half
10 Not Being Told When Caregivers Call in Sick
Complaints from Caregivers
1 Confusion in Communication Due to Multiple Caregivers for One Person
2 Training Scheduled During Times They Can’t Attend
3 Not Updating Care Plans
4 Different Expectations
5 No Mileage Reimbursements
6 No Benefits
7 Taking Care of Multiple Clients in One Home but Only Being Paid for One
8 Clocking in With Client’s Phone
9 Overbooking
10 Not Enough Appreciation from the Agency

If you are making one or more of these mistakes, start working on it today. Do whatever it takes to resolve and prevent these sort of client complaints from happening. The negative impact of these could be disastrous for your clients as well as your reputation. In addition, make sure you have policies and standards in place to help guide your team and don’t forget to appreciate your team of caregivers for all the hard work they do. Praise them often, motivate with monetary benefits when possible and help make them love their job. They will be more likely to become loyal employees who stay with you for the long haul.

Do not forget to implement technological solutions in your home care business as it will help you keep the standards in place and evade the possibilities of many of those complaints.

If you want to learn more on how, talk to us today!

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