Cloud-Based Solution

What is "the Cloud" ? Where is it?

Cloud is a buzzword that vaguely suggests the promise and convenience of being able to access files from anywhere. The reality is that the “Cloud” is a physical infrastructure, not some data floating like mist above our heads. The data is actually housed in massive warehouses all over the world.

CareSmartz360 is a cloud-based software as a service. This means you don't need to need to install any hardware or software to use the application. All you need is an internet connection.

Benefits of CareSmartz360's Cloud-Based solution:


Lower Costs

There is no hardware or software to purchase or maintain.


Cloud-based SaaS such as CareSmartz360 allows you to scale-up your operations as your business grows You'll never have to worry about the cost of server upgrades or additional storage space.


This means you can manage all aspects of your business whether you are at the office, in the field or even while on vacation.


When your data is stored in cloud, you can be assured it is safe, secure, and always backed up in fully HIPAA compliant data centers.


Client satisfaction is key to any business and when you do not have a real-time view of what the caregivers are doing, your business may suffer. You need to know if the caregivers are arriving on time and performing the tasks the client has requested.

CareSmartz360’s IVR and GPS system is an electronic visit verification system that allows caregivers to log their time in one of two ways. Using IVR, caregivers call a toll-free number from the client’s home at the beginning and end of the shift. The telephony system will automatically calculate how long the caregiver worked based on each call. Alternatively, the caregiver can use the GPS functionality within the CareSmartz360 mobile application to accomplish the same task.

With CareSmartz360’s IVR & GPS System, your agency will always have a real-time view of what's happening in the field. The Time Tracking screen in the application displays the status of visits as they are happening and provides alerts to your office staff for delayed or missed visits.

Caregivers can also log expenses associated with a shift, record tasks performed for the client, and even leave messages for your agency's staff through IVR or Mobile App.

The Telephony and GPS system is tightly integrated with CareSmartz360's scheduling, billing and payroll modules. This makes calculating client billing and caregiver payroll fast, accurate and efficient.

Integrated Email and SMS

CareSmartz360's SMS and Email alerts are perfect when you need to communicate with field personnel right away. With SMS, you can send shift reminders to caregivers or bulk messages to fill open shifts quickly.

Mobile Application

CareSmartz360's mobile application is perfect for employees and staff who spend much of their time in the field. The mobile app is role and permission based. Following login, users are redirected to the landing page corresponding to their user role where they can access information based on the privileges assigned to their role.

  • Scheduling calendar
  • Caregiver list and caregiver details
  • Client list and client details
  • Client and referral source lead management
  • Telephony
  • Service plans including problems, goals and interventions
  • Caregiver schedules and a summary of hours worked filtered by a date range