CareSmartz360 for Private Duty Home Care Independent Agencies

Whether you're new to home care or an established agency, CareSmartz360 simplifies and automates your daily operations allowing you to focus on providing your clients quality care and devote more time to growing your business.

Designed by home care industry experts and private duty home care agencies, CareSmartz360 is transforming the home care software industry.

Software Features

Manage your home care business easily with comprehensive features for scheduling, invoicing, client and caregiver management and more.


Simpler, faster and more accurate scheduling
  • Multiple calendar views for greater flexibility
  • Color coded visit/shift entries
  • Schedule by client and/or caregiver
  • Simple drag and drop functionality
  • Reccurring visit/shifts in one entry
  • Enables open shifts and caregiver cancellations to be filled rapidly with minimal back office effort
  • Map and directions to client's home

IVR & GPS for Visit Verification

Electronic time tracking and much more
  • Electronic time tracking system automatically calculates how long a caregiver worked based on clock-in and clock-out times
  • SMS and Email Alerts automatically sent to caregiver and office staff when caregiver fails to show up on time
  • Telephony prompts allows caregiver to log expenses and mileage associated with a shift, care plan tasks performed for the client, and leave messages for office staff
  • Office staff can use telephony to leave messages for givers
  • Tightly integrated with scheduling, billing and payroll makes the process of calculating client billing and caregiver payroll accurate and efficient

Integrated Email & SMS

The most efficient way to communicate with caregivers
  • Email and/or SMS caregivers automatic shift reminders and reduce the number of no-shows
  • Send email and/or bulk SMS messages to caregivers to quickly fill open shifts or caregiver cancellations
  • Reduces the amount of agency back office support

Client Management

Streamline client management with fast and easy access to all information
  • From one screen - instant access to a client's complete record including contact history, lead source, payer information, client bill rates, caregiver skills and requirements, caregiver compatibility, recommendations, assessments and service plans
  • Manage client/caregiver specific bill and pay rates
  • Create a quick schedule directly from a client's record

Electronic Intake & Service Plans

No more paper-based assessments and services plans!
  • Short and long assessment form
  • Automatically calculates required level of care
  • Automatically generates client's service plan
  • Variance report to quickly view changes between last assessment and current assessment
  • Complete assessments online or offline in client's home using a laptop or mobile device
  • Assessments completed while offline automatically sync with client's record when internet connection is established

Caregiver Management

Streamline caregiver management and time consuming HR related activities
  • From one screen - instant access to a caregiver's complete record including availability, schedules, pending responses to open shifts, skills and requirements and client compatibility rating
  • Caregiver management provides important HR details such as contact history, training reports, compliance tracking, hire history, pay rates, personal details and emergency contact information
  • Create a quick schedule directly from the caregiver's record

Human Resources

Streamline staff management and time consuming HR related activities
  • From one screen - instant access to a staff member's complete record including contact history, training reports, hire history, pay rates, personal details and emergency contact information
  • Create office schedules for staff to automate payroll calculations and processing

Payer Management

Save time and redundancy by not having to add identical payer information over and over again
  • Add commonly used payers such as hospitals, insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid
  • When adding a payer to a client's record, begin by searching the list of current payers
  • Select a current payer or add a new payer
  • Payer information automatically populates in the client's record

Client & Payer Registers

A comprehensive financial view of clients' and payers' account details
  • Client Account Register - comprehensive account details including posted and non-posted payments, total and applied deposits, credits and adjustments, refunds and balance
  • Client Payment Register - apply payments, deposits, credits and adjustments and refunds against a client's invoices
  • Payer Payment Register - apply payments against payer's invoices

Billing & Payroll

Process billing and payroll with accuracy in minutes instead of hours!
  • Billing and payroll automatically calculated for all approved schedules
  • Caregiver payroll automatically calculated based on approved schedules, expenses, and caregiver/client pay rates
  • Office staff payroll automatically calculated based on approved office schedules and pay rates
  • One click "Batch Billing" capability
  • Print or email invoices to clients and payers directly from the system
  • Export payroll to QuickBooks or export and convert it to a format accepted by your payroll company

Customer Relationship Management

Grow your business with prospective clients and referral sources!
  • Add leads, create groups and associate leads with groups
  • Associate leads or groups with email marketing campaigns
  • Create targeted campaigns for leads and referral sources with your branding using CareSmartz360's customizable email templates
  • Send email campaigns directly from the system
  • Add promotional coupon codes for discounts
  • Set up campaigns such as monthly or quarterly newsletters in advance and schedule them for a future date or as reoccurring campaigns
  • Post campaign analytics and view campaign statistics such emails sent, viewed, bounced, and unsubscribes and more

Caregiver Portal

Easy online access gives caregivers access to important information
  • Review schedules and client service plans
  • View pending responses to open shifts offers
  • View training reports
  • Access Telephony ID and expense codes
  • Gateway to the CareSmartz360's Learning Management System

Caregiver and Staff Training

Well trained caregivers and staff provide a higher quality of care to clients
  • Complete Learning Management System
  • Available online 24/7
  • Assign caregivers and staff online courses
  • Courses assigned and course status are tracked and stored in the caregiver's/staff member's HR record
  • Comprehensive reporting

Digital Library

Ensure everyone in your agency is using the same version of documents, forms and images
  • Have a centralized location for organizing, storing and retrieving frequently used documents, forms and images
  • Create an unlimited number of functional areas and folders
  • When a library items becomes our-of-date, archive it and add the updated version


Manage and market to local community referral sources
  • Add communities from referral sources such as Assisted Living Facilities, Adult Day Care, and Independent Living Facilities
  • Add bill rates and invoice details for each community
  • View the contact history for each community
  • When a community is associated with a client, all the payer information from the community automatically populates in the client's record
  • Create targeted email marketing campaigns for communities

Mobile App

CareSmartz360's mobile application is perfect for employees and staff who spend much of their time in the field. The mobile app is role and permission based. Following login, users are redirected to the landing page corresponding to their user role where they can access information based on the privileges assigned to their role. Information accessible from the mobile app can include any or all of the following:
  • Scheduling calendar
  • Caregiver list and caregiver details
  • Client list and client details
  • Client and referral source lead management
  • Telephony
  • Service plans including problems, goals and interventions
  • Caregiver schedules and a summary of hours worked filtered by a date range
  • Push notifications can also be configured in the mobile app


Most comprehensive reporting in the industry!
Over 100 out of the box reports. Reporting functional categories include:
  • Scheduling
  • Client Management
  • Caregiver Management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Marketing
  • HR & Training

Client & Family Portal

Caresmartz360 provides a dedicated portal that allows client and family members to gain access to information about schedules, invoices and announcements published by your home care agency. The portal also allows them to contact you and provide feedback relating to their Caregiver visits. This portal is built on the idea that information should be transparent and easily available to your clients.